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“One picture is worth a thousand words.”   … Fred R. Barnard

We live in a visual age and the old
adage about a picture being worth a
thousand words has never been truer.
From the most basic snapshots
to the amazing images used in
National Geographic Magazine,
photographs reveal the stories
of our lives and our world.


Every photograph tells a story through its taking, and these stories are vitally important in building and maintaining the image of your business or enterprise. Whether it’s through a brochure, web site or year-end reports, the quality of the story you tell directly affects how you are perceived and images tell the story of your business.


McLoughlin Photographics can provide the solution to your commercial photographic needs. Offering high quality digital imaging services in architectural, interior, corporate, advertising, marketing, environmental, oilfield, event and editorial photography we can we can supply images crafted to promote and enhance your distinctive brand.

We succeed when you succeed, so contact us today at 403-872-1947 to see what we can accomplish together. Wherever you are in Alberta or British Columbia we can help you picture it!

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